General Information & Policies

Refund Policy

No refunds are given unless a course is canceled. A course may be canceled for insufficient
enrollment, postponed or a change in instructors. If insufficient enrollment causes a class to be canceled, full tuition is refunded or a credit is given for future use. Materials and supplies purchased by you are excluded from refunds and credits. A request for refund must be made
one week before the course begins. Please allow four to five weeks for the refund process.

Low Enrollment/Course Cancellations

A course with insufficient enrollment will be canceled one week before the starting date.
Registered students will be notified by telephone if a course must be canceled. When enrollment is low and to avoid cancellations, the number of class sessions and/or
course pricing may be adjusted.

Bad Weather/Class Cancellations

If Wallingford Public Schools close due to weather or school schedules, Adult
Education classes are also closed. Cancellation announcements for evening classes will be
made at approximately 4:00 p.m. on the following radio and television stations:

    • WTNH-TV - Channel 8
    • WTIC-TV - Channel 61
    • WFSB-TV - Channel 3
    • WVIT-TV - Channel 30
    • WPLR 99.1 FM
    • WDRC 1360 / AM 103 FM
    • WTIC 1080 AM / 96.5 FM
    • WRCH 100.5 FM
    • Wallingford Public Schools TV: Ch.19
    • Or call 203-294-5932

Make-Up Dates

Canceled classes will be made up at the end of the scheduled run of the class. Check with
your instructor about make-up dates. 


A non-smoking policy is in effect at all class sites indoors and out. Refreshments are
permitted in designated areas, not in classrooms, hallways or lavatories.


At Sheehan High School, please use the rear parking lot. The “circle” at Lyman Hall High
School is a NO PARKING area. Illegally parked cars in designated emergency or
handicapped zones may be ticketed by the Wallingford Police Department. All of our
programs are handicapped accessible. Check with either of our offices for more specific information.


  • Adult Education Learning Center, (Railroad Station), 37 Hall Avenue.
  • Mark T. Sheehan High School, 142 HopeHill Road.
  • Lyman Hall High School, 70 Pond Hill Road.


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