Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement MM04

This educational class covers important money management concepts that are important to people near retirement. In depth review of the various types of investment options and their respective costs. Will cover how annuities work, social security benefit timing and taxation and Long Term Care. Tax free investment options and how to transfer to future generations.  Estate planning techniques to transfer asets directly to your beneficiaries and minimize what passes through probate.

A workbook (optional) that covers the entire course will be available at a cost of $30.00 payable to Voy Financial Advisors on the first night of class.

Sessions:  2
Dates:  4/2/2020 to 4/9/2020
Meeting Time:  Thursday 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Location:  Sheehan High School A120
Instructor:  Steven Jacques
$38.00   (Class Fee)
Discounts & Other Fees:
$5 off for Residents
Note: Class has been canceled