Passport to Retirement MM06

This 3-hour course, presented in two 1 1/2 hour sessions by a prominent and trusted local financial advisor, will cover the following topics: the 10 most common mistakes made in retirement, Social Security, Medicare, determining how  ong your money will last, the power of inflation, long-term care, maximizing your pension, wills and trusts. We will also discuss strategies to avoid retirement roadblocks, manage cash flow and using tax laws to your advantage and how to take an accurate financial inventory and more.  This course is presented in a friendly, straightforward manner and geared to people 50 and over. Attendees are entitled to a complimentary, private consultation to review their personal financial and retirement concerns.

Sessions:  2
Dates:  3/26/2020 to 4/2/2020
Meeting Time:  Thursday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Location:  Sheehan High School A107
$36.00   (Class Fee)
Discounts & Other Fees:
$5 off for Residents
Note: Class has been canceled